In Ravenna, training of talented Italian artists in the field of music

The Young Musicians European Orchestra has been active since 2008 and is a musical formation composed of talents from 15 to 28 years, moved by an innate passion and love for music. Since its inception, YMEO brings together the best Italian and European artists in the field of music. Over the years, training has begun to welcome many young people from non-European countries, from China to North America. The musical training center is located in Via Tombesi Dall'Ova 13 in Ravenna: to request more information on the upcoming events and concerts of the Young Musicians European Orchestra, contact the venue by phone or send an email to the orchestragiovanieuropei @ gmail email address. com.

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Young Musicians European Orchestra
Via Tombesi Dall'Ova 13 - 48100 Ravenna 
Tel: 39 0544 33835
Call now +39 0544 33835

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